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Friday, August 20, 2010

All That Glitters

DO YOU SEE THE JUNYA WATANABE COMME DES GARCONS MAN M-51 JACKET ABOVE?! I mean, do you SEE it? It's AMAZING. I picked this out a couple of weeks ago to share with you but then I got distracted by Inception. As fate would have it, however, I was at Barney's the other day looking for a tie (which I found, by the way, a gorgeous purple narrow number that pair very well with my architectural brown striped shirt but that is another post) and there the MAN M-51 was in MY SIZE.

I realized something about myself, as I stood drooling over Junya Watanabe's perfect clothes and their insane price tags. I discovered, rather profoundly, that I don't give a shit if I can never afford this or many other beautiful things. I will still go to Barney's and revel in their lines and their materials and their perfect, perfect fits. I love imagining my yacht life and in many ways I also love that I don't really live it. So, this was originally going to  be one of those you-don't-need-cash-to-look-awesome posts but, I figure, fuck it. You know that and I know that but let's just drool over shit we can't afford.

So, speaking of Mr. Watanabe and his magical, magical world, check out these shirts coming out in his Comme des Garcons Man Fall/Winter collection:

He's such a genius! Check out the texture play on the back:

All above photos from

It's the perfect detail! OHMYGODILOVEIT.

Speaking of freaking out over things I didn't know I needed, look at these gorgeous RUCKSACKS by Norse Projects and Ally Capellino!

Wow! These are so rad. And they are 203 pounds. I don't even want to look up the exchange rate. I would rather spend this moment dreaming of some sort of urban exploring situation--possibly in western Canada--where I am on a beautiful boat in a nautical sweater, on my way to a beach island with a picnic on my back. Check out the lining:

Photos from

I actually wish I lived somewhere freezing enough to wear this Hunter Earflap Cap, also from Norse Projects:

Fifty-four pounds! WHY NOT! If I was in Boston I would be justifying this purchase right now. Freshman year, waiting for the bus near Boston Common, someone told me that a classmate's ears had fallen off the week before from frostbite after standing outside for twenty minutes in a subzero blizzard. Obviously, this was not true but I don't care I still want that hat!

I will leave you with these Yuketen Hunt Boots from Yuki Matsuda which are gorgeous and which I would wear with slim dark denim in my 477 pound dreams:

Photo from

Champagne wishes! Here's hoping your week is full of beautiful things, dear readers. Whether I own them or not, I know mine will be. 

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