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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Office Space

Duluth Pack wool utility pack for Barneys New York

Part of what's awesome (for me) about starting a new job is the opportunity to justify many clothing purchases. I'm super pumped to be in a situation that informally requires me to wear full-fledged office clothes! If you want to punch me in the face right now, let me explain: as a teaching artist/nonprofit lackey I have largely been allowed to wear what I want to work for all of my working life. While this is clearly a benefit, I also feel it encourages in me a certain laziness of dress. I am excited to really look like a well dressed, well groomed grown up all of the time. But I'm also glad I work for a place that's not too rigorous in enforcement, which means my style personality has plenty of room to shine. Any week day it's the businessmen and I in downtown Oakland and so far I feel super fly.

Check out the bag above my Duluth. It's pretty much the most awesome office accoutrement ever. And if you don't have $400 bucks to blow at Barney's, then buy this one by Duluth instead, which is also fantastic:

Speaking of affordable beauty, Topman is magical. Their clothes are beautiful, well made and they fit small--so guys like myself are actually able to find a pair of pants that don't look stupid. Their look is distinctive in the way it maintains the balance between fashion forward and rooted in a classic aesthetic. Here's a bunch of business-casual office-ready pieces I love by these geniuses:

It's summer in San Francisco! Finally. I'm about to wear these:

This military blazer is out of control:

Imagine it with a ribbon tie! Fantastic. I'm also partial to this jersey blazer:

Shoes! I'm about to buy some desert boots from Clarks a la:

I'd also be amped to own most anything Common Projects comes up with, including these babies: 

Switch out those laces for something a little more polished and wear them with some navy pants and you're golden. 

Point is, dressing up for work isn't something I dread. I'm happy to do my part to make the streets a little better dressed. Look like a million bucks, act like a million bucks.