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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do You Muumuu?

Before summer's official end this week, I’d like to sneak in my personal ode to the muumuu. Somewhere along the way between their traditional Hawaiian origin and Homer Simpson donning one when he gained too much weight to wear anything else, these formless frocks have gotten a bad name. But on a hot summer’s day, I’ve decided that there is nothing cooler (literally – oh!) than rocking a shapeless shift dress with a bright, bold and daring print. My grandma has worn one pretty much every day for as long as I can remember -- and it's because she is a classy lady who has known what's up for decades.

Belt it if you must; hem it if you wish. The simple silhouette is flattering on every body type. Here are a few vintage favorites for your viewing pleasure:

Sun-washed color and lightly flowing fabric, oh my!

Teal + Fuschia 4ever

Welcome fall with a festive muumuu in rich harvest hues!

Is she a mannequin or a human girl? All I know is her dress is bangin', and so are her bangs.

Oh look, here's Jessica Simpson in a bright orange muumuu & matching lipstick:

The leopard-print muumuu: my personal favorite.

And there you have it. Love your bodies, hug your grandmas, and rock your muumuus with pride.

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