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Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Gay Wedding

Michael von Braithwaite imbibes Champagne directly from a bottle immediately after getting hitched.

Hi! I got big gay married (aka Power Unioned) this weekend. I'm exhausted, but thought I'd add a few highlights. Look what happens when you don't do the usual traditional hetero-style wedding-- people step up their game and have fun with their ensembles. I wore a dress from House of Hengst (formally of San Francisco, recently moved to NYC), Seychelles, an air plant, and a mink stole from 1922 because it was windy.

Most of these photos are just snapshots from Facebook. Luckily, Leo Plass just wrote a post all about Facebook, so it's thematically in keeping.

My dad

A wide variety of lady styles

Page McBee (my person) looking happy and dapper

Matthew Rochelau making sneakers and a bow tie work incredibly well

Tyler Doran, handsome as always and somehow pulling off a denim jacket and formal wear.

More on big gay weddings next week.