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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunday at the SF Indie Mart

The SF Indie Mart holds court at Thee Parkside a few times a year. So last Sunday I went over there, had a margarita and a pulled pork sandwich and checked out the goods. Thee Parkside takes to the street alongside it and the Indie Marters set up their goods. It's different vendors every time so you never know what you'll get.

Here is a cute couple that were about to order some food. FYI, Thee Parkside has great food for great prices. Best corn dogs ever.

I like his loafers and her printed skirt. The Indie mart patrons were feeling African prints.

On my way through the patio I spotted this lady.

I headed out to the street vendors and found Mama's Little Babies. A woman in Santa Cruz makes the victorian inspired jewelry. I thought it might be a nice way to add a toile feel to your outfit without feeling over-patterned.

Artichoke Brooch

Pocket knife necklace

Guy fighting a kangaroo brooch

Then I ran into Archetype Boutique's booth. They just opened a boutique in association with The Gray Area Foundation for the Arts(GAFFTA) in the San Francisco Tenderloin and focus on fashion-forward, wearable, sustainable clothing.

I feel uneasy about jeggings, but, did see someone pulling them off recently. I feel even more uneasy about these wood leggings, but, maybe someone could pull them off too?

I feel good about this dress.

This was made by a local designer using deadstock American Airlines seat fabric. That's interesting.
I look forward to checking out their shop at 984 Market Street @ 6th.

Myles at the Indie Mart showing off his new vintage Boy Scouts of America backpack that he got for his recent birthday.

Insanity hit when I happened upon the Jazz Boogie vendor. By insanity I mean I went crazy in the brain when I saw these here bags!

What the fuck, right? I mean, I can't imagine what you could put in them, but, I can't imagine how you could go wrong carrying one of em' either.

If you can even bear to ever look at another bag again, this one was nice too.

And I liked these ribbon shoes.

Next up was the Adina Mills vendor. More insanity! She had these rings that were basically just HUGE rocks. I couldn't imagine anything better then just having a huge raw rock on your finger. Seriously ladies, it brings whole new meaning to 'nice rock' compliments.

And she had huge seashell rings too
Since it was hard for me to get close up pics of those rings I stole those last two pics from the Hazel & Harlow(who sell these) website.

When I circled back inside to use the bathroom I spotted this lady.

Classic look but I thought the boots gave it a nice twist.

It was time for me to book it outta there. I said my good-byes and made my friends Claudia and Ross let me take their picture. Ross was very happy to be wearing a new find, it's a vintage Wrangler shirt that looks brand new. He was also going on about some new slimmer fit Wrangler jeans he can't find in person.

Check out a close up of Claudia's shoes.


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