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Thursday, July 8, 2010

California Dreamin'

As I sit in here in SF with the cloudless fog ridden sky chilling me to the bone I dream of beach's and pool-side glamour. I am going to LA this weekend and in my head that means I will be at a pool-side cocktail party hobnobbing with the likes of Cary Grant and Scarlett Johansson at a Laurel Canyon mansion. LA is apparently timeless in my brain. While there is no need for swim trunks and sandals here and, I hear it's even cold in LA, I can't get visions of them out of my head. So with caution to the cold wind I've done some research as to what would be appropriate for such un-impending activities.

I'm happy to report that while long baggy board shorts are no longer reeking havoc on us, we are no longer forced to wear short shorts(I don't mind these but not all of us have the tall slim bodies to pull these off) to fight back. A happy medium has been reached. Here's some trunks I like.

I love chambray anything. Why not for swim trunks? Here's some by O'Connell's.

Those too short for you? How bout these by Apolis Activism.

How about seersucker. I like the waistband on these from J. Crew.

Or something simple like these from Ralph Lauren.

I'm in love with polka-dots for men right now. Therefore I am in love with these trunks by Quicksilver.

And finally, my personal favorite by Orlebar Brown.

Now for the hard part. Sandals. I don't like my heel, or anyones, to be free from constraints. Sorry that's just how it's going to be.

I do like these K. Jaques sandals.

And these South Willard running sandals.

While I realize this might be controversial, I have been wanting Birkenstock sandals for a couple years now. There is a reason I will swear off nothing. I am literally sure that after the Croc Rush is over and no one has seen or heard from them in years I will one day look down at my feet and think 'Eureka! It's Croc time'. In a game of Would You Rather years back I chose to be married to a woman with no arms and no legs over a woman who wears overalls everyday. I wore overalls myself all last week doing yard/house work. And so, I will never swear anything off again and become mute for all conversations stating otherwise. Fashion has no permanent rules people.

Here are my favorite Birks, socks optional. That's right SOCKS OPTIONAL!

Maybe you want full foot coverage maybe you have ugly feet. I wouldn't be surprised. These lace espadrilles by N.D.C. will hide them beautifully.

Or these Steven Alan x Keds slip ons will do the trick too.


  1. SEERSUCKER SWIMSUIT!!!!! who knew? you knew. I'm all over that.

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  4. someone once told me to never say you hate a certain fashion trend/item because you'll be wearing it within 6 months. since i was told this important life lesson, the scenario has played out about 100 times. I WOULD NEVER WEAR THAT, i yell in my head, and, then, of course i am parading around town in it 3 months later.

    this lesson also translates to music, food, movies, tv shows, friends, and dates.

  5. i don't know why those other comments were deleted, but, now i am blowing up your comment section, leonard! i hope this puts you at the top of a google search or something. GOODBYE!

  6. leonardo... you sprint the sharp edge of fashion risk with such success and bravado. i love it. i love you. SOCKS OPTIONAL!