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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stranger Than Fiction

I'm going to do something different today. While I am usually on the hunt for the best shirt or jacket or bag, lately, I have been hunting for other things. Furniture. I have been to the Antique Mall, Alameda Flea Market and numerous used and new furniture stores around the Bay. I need a few things, mainly 2 night-stands and an armoire. The problem is, I am extremely picky when it comes to furniture as I usually keep it forever so I need it to be perfect. So, even though I've been a million places and seen a million things, I've so far only purchased a few bottles.

And an air plant.

I am not mad at these things but they certainly don't provide a place to rest my book, glasses and glass of water at night. While I have yet to find the 'just rights' for me I thought all my research shouldn't go to waste and that some of you Ironing Board Collective readers might need furnishing too. So, here's some stuff I've come across.
I really like this table from UO but it's not the right size.

I also like this one from UO, but it's the same-ish color of my walls and slightly more feminine then I want. I warned you I am picky.

Here's one from West Elm that, now that I'm looking at it again, maybe is right for me. No storage though.

And this one from West Elm is good too. I think my only problem with it is I can't comprehend spending $199 on a tree stump. Not sure why though, it's not like I'm going to go out into the woods with a chain-saw anytime soon to procure one.

Does anyone have a good recommendation on where to get sheets? I've got problems in this area also. I'm down to one last fitted that's not so fitted anymore. I do like these also from West Elm, but there on back order. Geez.

Speaking of bedding, I really think it should be updated casually and continually. It should reflect somewhat your style of clothes. Going to bed and waking up surrounded by your ultimate style will only help you reflect it in your daily style. I would very much like this Pendleton blanket, but, can't bear to spend the big bucks on it.

This stool from Pottery Barn would be a nice seat to put my shoes on.

Sorry about the size of this picture, but, check out this Jonathan Adler anchor rug!

When it comes down to it I really prefer my furniture to be worn around the edges. In my quest I came across a new store in San Francisco called Big Daddy's Antiques. It is an amazing warehouse out at the corner of 17th St and Wisconsin St. It's worth stopping by for a look even if you're not ready to drop the big bucks they're asking. Seriously, it's crazy in there, you wont be disappointed. Here's a peek.

And just to not leave you totally out in the cold, Yuketen boots.

Assembly New York hooded parka. The hood is detachable.