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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Incredible Gentlemen of My Garden Party Wedding

As Michael [von] Braithwaite began exploring here on Monday, people who came to our wedding last weekend looked off the chain. The image above is one of a gallery we gave our guests ahead of time because we wanted people to understand what "dapper" meant to us and because we wanted everyone to look fly for pictures. We were not disappointed. People brought it in a serious way. The pictures we have so far--snapshots, all of them--are pretty fucking incredible.

Here is a small gallery of beach bluff garden party style on a variety of gentlemen who I'm proud to call my friends and family:

Kareem and Alex. I love that Kareem, who did our photographs, looks like an amazing newspaper man. He totally nailed it. And Alex did the skinny black suit perfectly.

Kareem, like the Libra he is, looking handsome and perfectly dressed for the occasion.

Emily and Sten. Sten's socks are an awesome detail and a perfect compliment to his tie.

Tyler, who you will learn more about next week. He is my fashion hero, I've recently decided. Somehow he wore a jean jacket, jeans and a bow tie and it looked dashing--thus breaking my number one fashion rule and proving me wrong simultaneously. Part of the secret was his super sweet saddle shoes, not shown here. So into it.

I know this is supposed to be about gentlemen but I fucking loved seeing all the lady outfits, too. This was our procession--we brought the party to us, on a crazy edge-of-the-world beach bluff in northern California. Everyone looked stunning.

Annie and Matt, who did such an awesome job at coordination. Matt's bow tie + scruff + glasses is perfect without being precious. 

Michael's brother, Adric, sporting the best fashion accessory possible, against the best backdrop known to man. 

Brett and Clare, my brother and sister. Clare is obviously in a LADY TUX and Brett's suit is an excellent fit, proving that the silhouette of a suit makes a the difference. 

Michael's father, Mickey, looking like he just finished a hard afternoon game of croquet. Which is probably accurate. LOOK AT HIS SHOES!

Speaking of croquet, there I am and there's Michael in the back, playing it. This is after she'd removed her amazing fur stole (still on in the picture below, taken in very gusty wind which somehow makes her look even prettier):

Well, there you have it, folks. Thanks to my uncredited photographer friends.There were many excellent gentlemen dressers who have not yet shown up in pictures, which is really everyone's loss. But, point is, when you tell people to look like a dapper garden party, they will roll up PREPARED. To bocci ball and Salty Dogs and fashion on cliffs! And, of course, to love!  

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  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Love, Deborah