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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bars, Boots and Baseball

Sick of workwear? How about behind-bars-wear.

N. Hoolywood line from Japanese designer Daisuke Obana gives a huge nod to chain gangs from 1910-1940. The glamarisation of criminals hasn't looked this good since Bonny & Clyde. I'm digging those denims in the bottom picture.

In case you're too young to know or too old to remember,

Bonnie and Clyde

Barbour the UK outerwear company has teamed up with Rockport the New England based orthopedic shoe company to make these!

You might not be jumping for joy as I am, but then again you may not be as crippled as I am. I am always looking to see what Rockport is up to as they used to make pretty cool work boots back in the day. These days it's been bleak until this. Which is the best news I've gotten in a while because finding boots that my crooked feet can feel comfy in is nearly impossibility. I will be spending an unordinary amount of time searching for where to buy these in the near future.

Here's some other boots I've been wanting to show you for a while. You should get them!

Ronnie Fieg x CulureShoq. I really love both of these.

Lastly, I have something strange to report. I have caught baseball fever. I am a born and raised Yankees fan but since nothing makes people more volatile in SF then Yankees fans I've been sitting on the bench for years now. I could never really get behind the Giants because orange and black is my least favorite color scheme of all. Also, it was my high school's colors so it gives me bad flashbacks too. Orange and black isn't the only problem with baseball these days though. What's with these baggy ass uniforms? Blech. At least the Philly's were wearing red belts one time, that was nice. Anyway, here's some pics from when baseball was goodlookin.



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