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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Gay Divorceé

This is the 1934 trailer for "The Gay Divorcee" starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.  I am in the process of getting Gay Divorced after 3 years of being Gay Married, so I thought I'd check this out and find out what is in store for me.  According to this trailer, I can look forward to LOTS of singing and dancing and Half the Beauties in Hollywood.  SCORE!!

Also, picnics with dapper gentlemen in convertible cars, silk flowered millinery, and more ruffles than a nineteenth century pirate!

Gentlemen in Bathing Costume!! Silk charmeuse jumpsuits with intricately pleated trim at the neck and arms worn with strappy cuban-heeled art-deco dancing shoes!!

Gentlemen in Bathing Costume...   wearing Socks and Sandles!!!!?????????????

Watch chains and Tweed!!  And CRAZY reflecting....

Top Hats, Cutaway Coats and Eeeeeexcellent Posture!!!

Lace Bedroom Jackets!! Wait, is that a bedroom Jacket or an outfit?  What passed for a Bedroom jacket in the 30s would pass for a gown these days, so no telling... This looks like it has a hood and  30s evening fashion was slinky and not usually so covered-up or fastened so casually with a sash.  Fred is tip-to-toe in his tux!!  Why aren't you ready Ginger????   Aha:  Keeping Gentlemen Waiting!!!!!!!

Making my own Dancing Space!!!!  While dressed fantastically.  Thank you 1934.  Being Gay Divorced is obviously going to be AWESOME.  Except for the Socks with Sandals part. But hey, not everyday can be rainbows and spectator oxfords.