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Friday, June 11, 2010

How We Should Look on the Beach (Things I Want and Need)

Okay so I can't afford to go to the beach this summer but I'm spending my birthday this February in Tulum, Mexico where summer never ends--in case anyone wanted to throw me a pity party, no need. The point is, no matter when your summer actually gets rolling or where you plan on spending it, everyone needs a sweet suit and when I saw this one in the latest issue of VMAN I about lost it. That's right, you are looking at a men's retro-inspired fucking onesie.

And again:

The best part is that this suit was designed by too-cool-for-school streetwear line WeSC, which means hipsters near you will likely soon be making the beach landscape both classier and prettier, like this awesome gentleman:

I'm pumped because I spent all last summer looking for this exact swimsuit situation and all I found was mothball-y vintage suits that skeeved me out. Whoever decided to finally update what was obviously the best men's swimwear design ever for skateboarders & their ilk is a genius.

Nothing says I'm-at-the-beach-in-this-crazy-swimsuit-and-I-feel-fine like a pair of Ray Bans. I know people wear them everywhere, but something feels classically California to me about Wayfarers, which is a big part of why I like them. LA means Beach Boys, long boards, the smell of sunscreen and these bad boys:

Or, for a more Riviera-ready look, these:

Do you have a grown up beach towel? I don't but I will soon, and it will likely be this one from Nautica:

Speaking of things I wish I owned, wouldn't this necklace from Giles & Brothers look excellent with a margarita?

Very tangentially, I think my San Francisco summer chill would best be solved with this incredible jacket by Rag & Bone. If anyone would like to be my benefactor, this would be an excellent way to start:

Until then, my glamorous beach fantasies continue.