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Friday, June 25, 2010

Designer Sweatpants? Think About It.

Even for a (relative) fashion traditionalist, this is appealing. Do I rock bling bling neon? No. I am interested in slim, clean lines and gentleman's accessories. I like updated classics and small signals of rebellion. The high tops I purchased several years ago were a leap in aesthetics that I am still not entirely comfortable with.

That being said, two words: DESIGNER SWEATPANTS. They are like your sweetest dark denim Italian jeans but way more comfortable. You can dress them up, for God's sake. Who even knows why this works? Fashion alchemy.

Tons of men's lines experimented with this look last fall (there is a similar trend happening in women's fashion that I think, frankly, is a lot less successful) but if you are not up on this and/or not convinced, take one look at these beauties from those genius hipsters at Band of Outsiders:


Oh, I'm sorry. Do you want your sweatpants to look magically like stonewashed 80's jeans? No problem! Thanks, Topman.

The store/label Ssense renamed their sweatpants "sweat trousers" which I think is both adorable and kind of gross sounding. Their update, awesomely, is like the sweat pant/trouser version of the tapered jean.

And good old Diesel! Despite their recent bizarre ad campaign, they have pulled off an impressive move with their Prigel "pant" (skinny sweatpants!)

What makes this work is the element of surprise. I think the Band of Outsiders approach is perfect: smart, fresh and edgy. They're expensive-looking, as they should be, and the effect is a kind of crazy camouflage mindfuck.

Sweatpants! Not just for slobs anymore.


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  2. This post is a revelation. Thank you.

  3. This is controversial. I became vaguely obsessed with this look since I saw that first picture months ago. Since then I have been (un?)fortunately working that look but only in the comfort of my own home. Of course my sweats are American Apparel not designer. Anyway, I expect you to be in sweats next time I see you.

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